Fengshui Guide

Fengshui Guide


Many people feel that because the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, it is not necessary to take the trouble to apply the principles of Feng Shui, but this is not so. The bathroom is an important room, because its main function is to cleanse the body inside and out. Often the bathroom is seen to create financial problems as this space drains away vital energy and resources. Here are some simple guidelines that can be followed to minimise this risk.

  • One of the best positions in the house for a bathroom is in the North as this area is associated with water, but obviously not all of us have the facilities to relocate, and so we have to make the best of what we have.
  • Ideally the bathroom and WC should not be seen immediately on entering the house, lest the incoming Ch’i follows the traditional Water Dragon route and exits before the whole of the house is energised. Where such a location is unavoidable, there are solutions.
  • If the bathroom is in the North of the house, place a wind chime made from porcelain, clay or terracotta in the window recess and this will prevent a business or career going down the drain. Introducing a colour scheme based on natural earth and desert colours will also balance the energy by using the interaction of the elements earth and water.

The bathroom is associated with water, and therefore it needs to be balanced by the earth element. This can be achieved by using materials such as ceramic tiles and earthenware accessories. Earth controls water, and so prevents energy and good fortune being drained away.

When considering the colour scheme, use colours particularly associated with the earth element. Think desert, think beach, all the natural earth colours from pale sand to deep burgundy, including terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and the sunshine yellows. The element of wood also helps to balance the excess water association of the bathroom by absorbing its effects.

Introduce soft leaved green plants, but avoid cacti that could be a surprise when backing out of the shower. Introducing wood as a material for decorative finishes in the bathroom can be useful. Avoid excessive use of black or blue in the bathroom as these are colours directly symbolic of the water element and will upset the balance.


  • A toilet should be installed so it cannot be seen from the bathroom doorway, ideally it should be in its own alcove, or hidden by a screen or wall. If this is not possible, hang a round faceted cut glass crystal from the ceiling between the door and the toilet, this will lift and circulate the Ch’i energy.
  • Windows should be opened on a daily basis, to allow the fresh air to circulate, this ensures that the Ch’i remains buoyant, and that health, wealth and happiness flourish.
  • You should be aware how the energy moves and circulates around the bathroom. Doors and drawers to cupboards must be kept closed, so the energy does not move into the dark and stagnate. These cupboard areas must themselves be regularly refreshed.
  • A bathroom needs a facelift every six to eight years, outdated fixtures and fittings need replacing to allow the Ch’i energy to flow freely.


  • Plumbing can be a threat to the vital Ch’I energy, it is the digestive system of the house. Keeping on top of the plumbing maintenance is important, dripping taps represent money being flushed down the drain, blockages can represent income being cut off. The toilet seat should always be closed, this is important partly because of its large opening, but also because of the association with a deliberate act of flushing substance away from the house.
  • Avoid sharp points and edges, as these represent a cutting knife or a disapproving finger. Pillars should be covered in mirrors to make them disappear, although a full sheet of mirror should be used and not mirrored tiles. Bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors should be avoided if they produce a reflection that splits the image. Round pillars are suitable because they do not accelerate the Ch’i, which creates negative energy.
  • Mirrors must not face each other, or a door, as this increases the energy and speed of Ch’i, which should be slow and calm. Mirrors should be as large as possible in the bathroom, without any visible join, so the individual can stand proud and tall each morning. Introduce powerful spotlighting for an energy boost in the mornings, but do not forget the dimmer switch for more romantic occasions.
  • Photographs of loved ones should not be placed in the bathroom. The energy in that space is being drained, and will weaken the relationship between you.