Interview with the Chairman

Interview with the Chairman

Excerpts of the interview with Mr. C.N.Kalaria,
Chairman of Home Décor Sanitarywares, Morbi.

– Don’t you think that you are a late entrant in Indian market?
We are not late at all. Infact we were the first manufacturers of sanitary wares in Morbi, We started in 1989. Due to rich scenario of export operations, we were focusing in exports.

We are entering in this business at an appropriate time and in an organized fashion with new sets of sanitary wares, CERAMIC REFRESHWARES. The company is aiming at a 5 -per cent market share of the Rs2000-crore fast growing segment by the end of 2009- 2010.

– What is the market size for the SANITARYWARES in India?
According to reports, the SANITARYWARES market comprising the individual home, residential complex and commercial complexes like malls, offices, etc. is estimated at over Rs2000 crore.

The personal user segment is estimated at Rs 600 crore; residential complexes and companies at Rs1200 crore and; the large and big corporate segments at Rs200 crore. All these values can be easily disputed since there is no systematic studied carried so far.

A large number of importers and domestic players compete for a share of this market.

– On which of these segments will Home Decor be concentrating first individuals / institutions?
The market for ceramic refreshwares constitutes corporate and home users. We will initially focus on the individual / home, residential complex and small corporate segments.

– Why these segments?
Corporates have the necessary expertise and are aware of the right product, while there are gaps in the home market segment.

The gaps include understanding the right fitting techniques, the appropriate product, guidance on fitting into the overall plan of the rest rooms.

We believe our strength lies in understanding the consumer’s need and matching our ability to deliver quality products along with being able to provide customer care. Having been in the sanitary wares business over the years would help us in providing a differentiated offering in this segment. Therefore, our positioning in this segment would be “the ideal refreshware partner” to the consumer.

– What is your promotion budget for the CERAMIC REFRESHWARES?
We are making a substantial investment in understanding consumer needs, product identification, branding, retail stores and customer care.

Price wise how do your products compare with that of imported ones or those of other domestic players?

The market currently has a wide range of products with varying specifications. Priced competitively, the HOME DÉCOR CERAMIC REFRESHWARE range has models across varying price points to meet the different customer requirements.

– What is your distribution network for your products?
Currently our range will be distributed through our retail outlets which have decent set of upmarket clients. We have seven dealers in the western part of the country and are targeting another 20 stores in next six months. The products would be launched in phases and be available across the top 20 cities in the country by December 2007.

– What is the target for your organization as a whole this fiscal?
The planned turnover for the company is Rs 5 crore this fiscal. Last year we did a turnover of Rs 3 crore.